Go for Gold with the Woolworths Gold Credit Card


Gold, silver and classic are the terms used by banks that issue credit cards to differentiate between the levels of services offered on each credit card. And on the premium segment is the gold card which gives higher insurance covers, more privileges and discounts. It’s a credit card with a high credit rating and more privileges than a standard credit card.

And an element of prestige does form an important factor for subscribing to a gold credit card due to wanting to enjoy and show your financial standing in life. And it’s no different with a Woolworths gold credit card, as to qualify for a Woolworths gold credit card your monthly income needs to be more than R 10 000.

Part of the Woolworths Financial Services offering the gold credit card is more than just credit when you need it. As it helps you get more back in Woolworths vouchers (Wvouchers), such as 2% back to be more exact in Wvouchers on all Woolworth’s purchases. As the Woolworths gold credit card is a card that allows you to earn Wvouchers each and every time you swipe.

The Woolworths gold credit card also gives benefits of insurance cover. Such as automatic basic travel insurance that’s automatically included when you purchase an international airline ticket using your card. Also draw cash at any ATM or shop anywhere displaying the VISA logo as the card is internationally recognised and accepted worldwide.

Enjoy no transaction fee on fuel purchases. And as an account holder enjoy 15% off selected WRewards items in store. Wrewards is part of the stores loyalty programme and is available with the gold card credit facility.


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