The Top 5 Credit Card Scams Coming in 2017


Fake emails sent to consumers by fraudsters posing as credit card issuers

More scammers will be instructing people to confirm their personal information or to click on a fraudulent link to receive their updated credit card. With the new EMV technology being implemented in the US, scammers will be taking advantage of unsuspecting people. 

To avoid falling victim to such credit card scams, make sure that you don’t provide your credit card number over email. If you come across any suspicious activity, call your credit card company and make sure that you don’t open links from unknown sources.

RFID chip scams

Radio frequency ID chips are easy to scan and they allow customers the convenience of tapping instead of swiping their cards to make a purchase.

The downside of these chips is that they make consumers more susceptible to electronic pickpocketing devices. Devices can be used to scan victims’ chipped credit cards.

It may sound strange, but wrapping your RFID cards in aluminium foil has been proven to be effective as a preventive tool.

Credit card skimmers at petrol stations in the US

With these skimmers, credit card data is collected and transferred via Bluetooth to the scammers who can then replicate the cards and go on a shopping spree.

Credit Card Fraud “Assistance”

How this scam works:

You receive a phone call from a fake Visa or MasterCard representative, claiming that your credit card number has been stolen and that someone is running up your bill. The con artist asks you to confirm your credit card number and your CVV.

Make sure that you call your credit card issuer to confirm if there has been any suspicious activity on your card. Make sure that you don’t give your details to anyone over the phone or via email.

New Account Fraud

Identity theft is on the rise. One of the various credit card scams you can expect in 2017 is new account fraud. It involves the opening of new credit cards and other accounts in the victims’ name.


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