Dunami Loans


Dunami Loans

Dunami loans are the cutting-edge answer to your financial shortfalls, and at the forefront of instantaneous online loans. For those in need of small, short-term loans from R1000 up to R5 000, with repayment up to 6 months, Dunami loans are one of the best emergency options available, especially with temporary financial shortcomings. For instance, your main vehicle that you use to commute to and from work requires a service right before the end of the month and you need to do it as this is your only mode of transport. You could take out the loan and get the car fixed as soon as you can, and pay the money off over a few months. This is why Dunami loans are your answer, as they can get you out of a tight situation.

How to apply for a Dunami Loan

The process of applying for a Dunami loan is very simple and straight-forward. To sign up on the website, you would need:

  • Be a South African resident with a valid Identification number
  • Be fully employed for at least three months
  • You would need to have your own bank account in which your salary is paid into
  • Be between the ages of 18 and 65

Once you have all the information that is needed you can apply using your ID number and any password that you choose. An OTP (One-time pin) will be sent to enter and verify that you would like to use the service and create a free account. During this process you should provide proof of income, by using the Yodlee proof of income system, whereby your bank details are entered and Yodlee will send Dunami a 3 month bank statement on your behalf. The alternative way is to get a 3 month bank statement or the last 3 payslips and enter it during the application process, by uploading the necessary statement. Once that has been completed, you will receive notification of approval of your loan and funds will be transferred into your South African bank account.

Dumani Loans Contact Details

Dunami loans are situated at 16 Lower Burg Street, Cape Town number 702 in the Boland Bank building, but application can naturally be made all over South Africa as it is an online loan provider.


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