6 Lifestyle Changes To Save You Money


Saving money can be a bit challenging if you don’t what it takes spend your earnings in a healthy way. Most people end up getting themselves into debt simply because they don’t spend their money in a smart manner.

To avoid get yourself into debt, there are various ways you can employ. What you can do is cut back in a big way some of unnecessary spending in one or two spending categories and get ahead on your financial goals. Below are some of the ways you can use:

  1. Don’t spend your money in restaurants: Spending your money in restaurants is way too expensive than eating food cooked at your home. Food is expensive, especially convenience foods and restaurant meals. Research has shown that most South Africans spend more money on food bought in restaurants compared to groceries they buy for their homes. To spend less on groceries, you should grow vegetables or begin doing poultry. Doing that can reduce your spending towards buying vegetables, you can even sell some chickens to increase your money.
  2. Own a simple car: Most South Africans want to live an expensive life which is way beyond their earnings. You may be able to save a lot of money by getting rid of your car. Taking public transportation is a less expensive alternative to driving, and biking or walking has the added benefit of improving your health. If you can’t do without a car entirely, compare car insurance costs to make sure you’re not overpaying. Find out if lowering your deductible or switching to a pay-per-mile plan can save you money.
  3. Buy used:Furniture is very expensive in South Africa. If you can’t afford buying new furniture, you can buy second hand furniture online. Household goods like dishes and furniture can also be bought used, either through online auction sites like eBay or local Facebook groups, or by going to thrift stores and yard sales. In some cases, refurbished electronics cost less than brand new ones and still come with a warranty.
  4. Make the most of your space:Smaller homes can save occupants on everything from rent to utilities to elbow grease — they’re much easier to clean and maintain. Cutting down on possessions can also make a modest-sized space more comfortable. Without furniture,

Spending less can make life easier in many ways. Of course, not all money-saving measures require a radical lifestyle change. But for some people, changes in their spending habits have made them happier and less stressed. More money in the bank is only a side benefit.


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