7 Questions To Ask Your Financial Solutions Advisor In 2019


To get your overall finances in shape seek financial professional help from a financial solutions advisor. 

They’ll help you organise your finances and project the results of your savings and investments so you can see how well prepared you are for retirement. They also help you make decisions with your money that will help you reach your financial goals as efficiently as possible. 

Here are seven questions to ask your financial solutions advisor in 2019. 

1. How fast can I pay off my debt? 

A financial solutions advisor can help you plan a budget and set up a debt repayment plan that will accelerate paying off your debt. And help you find extra money in your budget to put towards your debts 

2. How can I reduce expenses and improve my monthly cash flow? 

This will help you to know your needs versus wants and what to keep or cut from your monthly expenditures. This will also help you build a realistic budget and also provide insight into ways to help you in tackling your debt. 

3. What’s the performance of my investments and my general financial position? 

Your financial solutions advisor should be able to provide continuing transparent counsel on the matter of your investments. 

4. Can you provide perspective when investments are performing extremely well and identify opportunities when my investments are performing poorly? 

Your financial solutions advisor will need to guide you through the continuous changes, events and crises that will occur, in the markets. 

5. Do my investments fit my goals? 

Financial needs change as your life evolves. A Financial Solutions Advisor can help you reevaluate your investment strategy in light of any new circumstances, such as the birth of a child or the need for steady retirement income. 

6. How much income will I need in retirement? 

A Financial Solutions Advisor can help you calculate retirement income needs and recommend an investment strategy based on your risk tolerance, investment time horizon, personal financial goals and more. 

7. How can I invest more of my money for the future? 

A Financial Solutions Advisor helps you pursue your goals based on what you want to achieve. Saving for a home purchase, for example, requires a different investment strategy than saving for college. While reaching both goals requires discipline and time, they each need a distinct investment vehicle. An advisor can work with you to develop an appropriate action plan.


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