AA Roadside Rescue- You Will Be Glad You Signed Up


The Automobile Association (AA) is a well-renowned organisation globally.  

Formed in 1930, the AA of South Africa is a provider of numerous Roadside Assistance services, insurance products and various other value-added services that are tailored to suit individual needs. 

A pioneer of roadside assistance in South Africa, AA offers packages designed to cater to a wide range of needs. Clients insured by AA are guaranteed to have assistance if they are involved in accidents, or even if they need tyres changed. 

Further services include a useful Message Relay Service, emergency Medical Rescue, Fuel to Reach a Filling Station, Vehicle Locksmith, AA Recovery Towing, AA Battery Service and more. 

What are the advantages of joining the AA? 

Having peace of mind wherever you are across South Africa. The AA operates in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Pietermaritzburg, Port Elizabeth, Mbombela and Polokwane. 

Offering a range of motoring services, the AA also provides specialist services for roadside repairs, battery testing, flat tyre change and fuel to reach a filling station. 

Clients also have the benefit of unlimited call-outs per 12 months. 

Having car insurance from AA Car Insurance is a simple way of making sure that your vehicle is covered when unfortunate incidents occur. 

AA Car Insurance offers clients a reward which gives you cash back in recognition of your good claims history and can be linked to your insurance policy. 

Tell me more about AA Roadside Rescue? 

AA Roadside Rescue covers you, not just your car. The AA gives you the most comprehensive on-the-road services. 

It includes Towing, Roadside Rescue, AA Roadside Security and low-cost insurance. Value-added services include concierge services, reminder services and motor-related legal and technical advice. 

Pricing for AA Roadside Rescue: 

  • AA Advantage + Premium Option 


  • AA 60+ Advantage + Premium Option 


  • AA 60+ Advantage Over 60 years 


  • AA Advantage Standard Option 



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