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ABFIN loans – The South African financial and micro lending industry is huge and continues to grow by each year that passes. The abundance of micro lenders and institutions has not made it any easier for prospective clients. The task of searching for the right lender who suits the clients need and financial status has not become easier, compounding that scenario is the possibility of having the application due to failure to meet the application requirements. The role of a broker in this described scenario can not be over emphasised.

One institution playing a pivotal role in this regard is ABFIN finance brokers. ABFIN offers an online loan sourcing and referral service. This service requires ABFIN to use its experience and ability to negotiate with many reputable lender and service providers on a client’s behalf and find the best possible deal. With a unique way of operating on a success fee basis which means clients only pay ABFIN if there is success in securing a loan on acceptable terms.

With long and tested relationships built with lending partners, ABFIN is able to forward queries and applications to registered and professional lending partners for services and products like bridging loans, consolidation loans, 1st 2nd and 3rd bonds, invoice discounting, property rescue plan and debt counselling. Once completed application forms are submitted, clients are given an opportunity to directly deal with ABFIN’s registered and professional lending partners.

ABFIN can be contacted on 0839007630.


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