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Gaining access to tertiary education is an important step for a number of South Africans. Studies have shown that individuals who have access to tertiary education often have better job prospects as well as better opportunities to create the types of careers they want. 

While many people want to study further, not all of them can afford to pay for their studies. Each year more people are opting for applying for loans as a way to finance education.  Absa bank offers a competitive Student Loan option that helps South African students pay for tuition fees, textbooks, accommodation and equipment.

More about Absa Student Loans:

These loans cover financing of SETA and SAQA courses. Lending is at competitive rates and applicants can get a 15% discount on study equipment.

Customers are approved based on their affordability ad risk profile.

To apply for An Absa Student Loan, applicants must provide proof of income from the person undertaking the study loan. Proof of study in the form of a final letter of acceptance or proof of registration from the institution is required.

To qualify, the person undertaking the loan must earn a monthly income of at least R3000 per month.

Customers are also given access to a competitive Credit Protection Plan which covers the outstanding amount of the study loan in events of disability, retrenchment, dread disease or loss of life.

More about the Absa Student Loan Calculator:

Applying for a student loan isn’t a decision taken lightly. It often requires some careful budgeting and planning. The Absa Student Loan Calculator is a handy tool for working out the costs of the student loan repayments.

The Absa Student Loan calculator is useful for working out how much you should budget on a monthly basis in order to be able to afford repayments.

For more information, visit www.absa.co.za


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