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The South African financial sector continues to grow every year, with more institutions entering the fray. In addition to banking institutions, clients also have the option of choosing to get access from other financial institutions like micro lenders. 

These micro lenders offer reliable solutions and are fast becoming some of the most trusted institutions.  

One such institution is Zulu Finance. 

What is so unique about Zulu Finance? 

Zulu Finance has become a trusted institution that also works with some of South Africa’s largest credit providers and debt management companies.  Operating for more than a decade, the institution is a financial services broker that only works with financial partners that are registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR). 

Services offered by Zulu Finance include providing access to unsecured personal loans, debt consolidation, debt management solutions and debt review solutions. Zulu Finance will do all the hard work for you by applying on your behalf to the appropriate lenders.  

Zulu Finance offers a quick and easy application process for clients. Even though you apply with Zulu Finance, they cannot guarantee the terms of payment of the loan because each credit provider comes with its own terms and conditions. 

If your application is approved however, the financial partner will provide you with fast access to finance, which will enable you to meet your debt obligations. Managing your debt will become much easier once you have been approved for debt consolidation or debt review.  

What are the qualifying criteria? 

  • Be at least 18 years of age, with a valid South African ID 
  • Provide your latest bank statement and physical address 
  • Be permanently employed 
  • Earn a regular income each month 
  • Each application will go through an affordability assessment 

To contact Zulu Finance, call: 060 776 6050 



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