Advice for activating an FNB Debit card for international travel


As the oldest banking institution in South Africa, First National Bank (FNB) offers clients innovative and convenient banking solutions. One of these solutions is the debt card offering from FNB.

A debit card from FNB comes with a number of benefits, such as:

Ability to withdraw cash at selected retail outlets

  • Access to cash through FNB ATMs
  • Account holders have a suite of bankers available to assist them with their day-to-day banking needs.
  • Using the account lets you earn back ebucks Rewards.
  • The card comes with free AA Emergency Roadside Assistance as well as a Take Me Home benefit on a Linked Petro Card.
  • There are free cash withdrawals at an FNB ATM and you can swipe for anything and shop online internationally.
  • You get extended warranty and purchase protection, so your purchases on your card are insured.
  • You get travel benefits, such as access to SLOW airport lounges (SLOW Domestic and SLOW International.)
  • You get unlimited monthly transactions and you can send or receive foreign currency through FNB forex.

Using an FNB Debit Card for international travel can be convenient when you need to access cash on-the-go. It’s important to keep in mind however, that your debit card may carry costs each time you swipe.

To activate an FNB Debit card for international travel, you can visit an FNB branch along with your valid ID, to inform the bank of your travel plans.

The bank will activate your debit card and you won’t have to worry about it being blocked due to suspicious activity.

An alternative option for activating an FNB debit card for international travel is getting an FNB Cash Passport, which is a MasterCard or Visa Prepaid currency card.

You can load your travel money onto it in advance and it is valid for at least three years. This card is completely separate from your bank account.

To reload the card all you have to do is take it, along with a valid ID, your valid passport, proof of travel and proof of residence to the branch where you first purchased it, and they will reload it for you.

The card is chip and PIN-protected and allows you to access money quickly and safely.

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