All The Benefits Offered By The Shoprite EduCard


For many people who may be looking for a retail outlet that meets their needs and also goes beyond the ordinary, Shoprite may just be the ideal outlet. Not only does the company provide affordable retail solutions, but it also provides services that are unique and convenient for its millions of customers. 

The Shoprite EduCard is a benefit card that has been designed to lower your educational institution’s expenses. No interest is charged on the card and there are no admin fees charged.  

By using the card you can get up to 2.5% automatic discount on all purchases, with 30 days to pay. 

What documents are required? 

  • Valid South African ID 
  • Proof of School Address 
  • Proof of School Bank Account 

Using the Shoprite EduCard means that your educational institution can gain control and visibility of payments, which will help to speed up reconciliation of your purchases. 

The card also allows students to save on their stationery purchases.  

Using the card could also allow you to save on staff coffee, tea and milk, tuck shop stock, party platters, cleaning products, etc. 

As one of the biggest retail chains across the African continent, Shoprite continues to grow and provides millions of people with convenient and affordable products. With over 500 outlets and 22 million shoppers, the company has over 130 000 employees. 

By introducing the Shoprite EduCard, the retailer continues to provide customers with innovative products and services. As the company continues to grow, breaking into markets previously dominated by other retailers, Shoprite seems set on being the biggest player in the retail space on the African continent. 

This offering provides Shoprite customers with a simple solution for stationery needs as well as a range of other needs.  

Call 0800 01 07 09 to speak to a consultant about more benefits offered by the Shoprite EduCard. You can also send an email to: educard  



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