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Babareki services provides loans to employees of companies Babareki services provides many products to suit all of its customers from payday loans cash-‘til payday loans, to short term loans with 6 months to pay, even debt consolidation loans.  

Founded in 2006, Babareki services are structured for employers, to aid their employees in financial difficulties so that productivity may continue. With a maximum of 24 hour approval on loans, Babareki is a great solution to your financial problems. Besides specific loan options available, Babareki also provides finance for other services or workplace necessities such as cell phones and airtime bundles, or even household financial support such as mattresses, cameras or even sound systems for employees.  

Babareki services are a registered credit provider and are part of the Workforce group. The difficulty of filling out hordes of paperwork is lessened for you and your employer. Babareki provides loans with a repayment over 6 months, with amounts ranging from R1 000 to R8 000. These loans are unsecured and are perfect for paying off school fees, or minor home improvements. 

These Cash ‘til payday loans are also known as Payday loans. Customers can take out a loan ranging from R500 to R2 000. The total amount of the loan plus interest is expected at the end of the month. This option is suitable for people experiencing temporary difficulties before pay day. 

Babareki provides a debt consolidation loan where all debt can be cleared without being blacklisted or sequestrated. This is the perfect option for larger amounts of longer-term debt ranging from R10 000 to R30 000. What also makes this kind of loan affordable is the fact the repayment for this loan, specifically the service that Babareki offers is 18 months with low interest rates compared to other competitors. 

How to apply for a Babareki loan 

The process of application for a Babareki loan is very simple and starts with one free instant message! 

You would need to send a ‘please call me’ to 0861 222 334, or fill in the online enquiry form and you will receive a phone call within 24 hours. 

You would need: 

  • To be employed full-time 
  • To have a South African bank account into which your salary is deposited into 
  • Your valid South African Identity Document 

Any other information, your employer may forward on your behalf, if you give permission to. Once your application has been approved, Babareki would like to meet with you or your employer. 

Babareki services are situation on 11 Wellington Road, Parktown in Johannesburg. 


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