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Finding a loan can be a time-consuming and tedious task for many people. In an age where time is regarded as a precious commodity, finding the time to get a loan can become a costly exercise. Having access to loan-finding services can be quite beneficial in such cases.  A loan-finding service can provide the convenience needed.  

The South African financial sector has a wide array of financial services providers, which offer clients a number of services tailored to suit their needs. Cube Finance offers a number of different services, which help to make the lives of clients easier. 

What Cube Finance has to offer: 

Established in 2009, Cube Finance is a leading loan-finding service that offers clients access to simple finance. Over the years, the institution has established excellent business relationships with professional, hand-picked, licensed credit providers.  

Individuals applying for finance from Cube Finance an get access to loan amounts ranging between R1500 and R150 000. Whether you need some extra cash to pay your rent for the month or to pay for home renovations, Cube Finance has the right solution for you. When applying for a loan, it’s important to ensure that you can afford to make repayments comfortably.  

There are also no limits on how you can use the loan amount. 

If you are blacklisted, you can apply for a loan, as Cube Finance strives to assist all individuals who can afford repayments. 

Services offered by Cube Finance: 

My Loan Lenders- This is a convenient loan-finding service that helps to relieve members from the time-consuming process of having to search for a loan. The service provides individuals with fast and easy access to multiple credit providers. There is minimal paperwork involved and clients can expect a same-day payout. 

My Credit Report is a service that has been designed to help clients keep track of their credit report. By signing up for this service, individuals can maintain control of their portfolio as well as keep track of any amendments to their credit reports. 

My Financial Wellness is a specialised service that provides access to accredited counsellors.  

To contact Cube Finance, call: 021 882 8353 



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