Benefits Offered by Atlas Finance Loans


In recent years, more South Africans have found themselves facing financial troubles. While borrowing from family and friends is an option for many people, the micro lending industry has made it easier for people to gain access to extra funds. The reality is that banks have strict lending criteria and are lending to fewer people as a result. 
Micro lending institutions like Atlas Finance have established a trusted reputation among clients. More South Africans are relying on the institution to get access to extra finance during those tough months.
Founded in 1994 by Jack Halfon, Atlas Finance is a leading financial institution focused on micro lending. The institution now has over 170 branches nationwide, giving South Africans easy access to finance. Over the years, Atlas Finance has provided over 2 million loans to clients nationwide.What benefits are offered by Atlas Finance Loans?Loan amounts of up to R8000 are offered. Atlas Finance gives clients who take out a loan of R3000 or more over 4 to 6 months an extra R99 as a gift.
The application process is quick, simple and confidential. To apply, all you have to do is visit a branch or fill out an online application form. By applying online you can save time and money. For starters, you don’t have to worry about having to travel or spend hours waiting in line to get a chance to speak to a consultant.
Repayments are flexible and individuals have 6 months to pay.
You are free to use the loan however you need to. Use it to pay for your education, medical costs, or any other financial emergency.
Atlas Finance operates on the principle that they are “here to assist you with your short term financial needs,” so you can rest assured that you are in good hands.
For more information about Atlas Finance Loans visit or call 0800 204 679


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