Best Finance Apps For Investing


Best finance apps for investing

Simply paying off debt and budgeting is not enough, investing is also essential to good money management. Investing means to put forth an amount of something with the expectation that it will generate a return in the future.

You’ll hear people talk about investing their time or effort, and of course, money. When you invest your money, it means that instead of spending it you are putting it in some sort of vehicle that will use it to make more money. And that’s why investing is important investing creates wealth.

Glacier by Sanlam

When it comes to investing it’s not only for the affluent financial market. Glacier by Sanlam aims to educate both high-net-worth investors and the public about their investment and retirement portfolios.

Users love this streamlined app, which got ratings as high as Old Mutual’s finance app 22Seven, and if you’re not looking to invest at present, you can use the integrated financial news stream to stay up to date.

Then there’s also Jozi Stock Market

One of the biggest positives of apps is that they’re open to any creator, big or small, and therefore, Jozi Stock Market is a product of entrepreneurial minds.

Developed by Zwide Heights Software Development, this app is both proudly South African and insightful. In essence, it syncs with all the JSE updates, showing the daily move for listed companies, funds and commodities.

It also includes a handy list of forex updates. Topping this off is the fact that the interface is smooth and responsive.


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