Capfin Loan Calculations


Capfin, a leading financial institution that strives to empower South Africans by providing them with access to finance when they need it the most, has partnered with retail outlets Pep and Ackermans to provide easy access to loans. 

Through its network of over1400 Pep and Ackermans stores nationwide, Capfin provides South Africans with simple solutions to their loan needs.

With Capfin Loans, there is no need to provide paperwork, bank statements or proof of residence.

If you are interested in getting a loan from Capfin, you can simplify the process for yourself by using Capfin Loan Calculations.

By visiting the Capfin website, you can use the loan calculator online. The calculator will work out how much your loan repayments will be. The calculations are based on the number of days that you have the loan for.

For instance, if you are interested in a R500 loan which you will be expected to repay in one month, the amount of interest that you are charged will be based on this, as well as you individual affordability assessment.

If you will be applying for a loans of R20 000, you can expect to pay a different interest rate overall.

Why choose Capfin?

  • You won’t have to wait in long queues
  • You can enjoy 24/7 access to CapfinDirect. Applying for a Pep Cafin loan is also more convenient because Pep and Ackermans stores have longer operating hours compared to mainstream lenders such as banks.
  • You only need to provide your valid South African ID, your cell phone number and your latest proof of income. You need to have an active bank account and you need to be employed.
  • You can apply at any Pep or Ackermans till point or you can apply online or via SMS. You will get a response within 15 minutes, letting you know of the outcome of your application.

Visit to find out more about Capfin Loan Calculations.


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