Cobol Short Term Loans


Cobol Short Term Loans

Applying for a loan is generally prolonged, intimidating and even an annoying task depending on which company you are applying at. But Cobol, an instant provider of instant cash has proved to be among the best companies to rely on when it comes to instant cash. When it comes to short term loans, the company has fast and effective solutions to offer you.

The company provides loans of up to R3000 available, over terms of up to six months, you can get the cash when you need it and don’t have to worry about a large monthly debit order. In case you don’t know which loan do you qualify for, kindly complete our quick application process online now.

Upon feeling all the relevant details, then management will verify your information and email you a loan offer. Upon receiving the email, if you are comfortable, you can reply to consent the offer and they will deposit the cash that same day straight into your bank account.

Wondering how you will make repayments, well your repayments will be collected on a monthly basis via debit order until the loan is paid in full. To qualify for any of Cobol’s short term loan offers, you have to be a South African citizen with permanent employment and earning at least R3000 per month.

Are you interested in any of their loans? If so, feel free to contact a Cobol consultant today for more information on their short term loans, or start the application process online now.

You can contact the Cobol management on 021 421 8811 or alternatively email them on: The company is open weekdays 8am to 5pm and Saturdays 8am to 1pm.


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