Drive Away In A Brand New, Deposit-Free Audi A4 Or A5


As one of the most popular vehicle brands in the world, German company Audi has introduced a number of vehicle options that have given drivers options whether they are looking for a sedan, a hatchback or SUV. 

Audi is a quality vehicle brand, which a trusted and reliable reputation all over the world.  

Audi South Africa is also currently offering its local customers a special opportunity to drive away in a brand new, deposit-free Audi A4 or A5.  

According to Audi, customers can look forward to “No Limits. No Constraints. No Deposit.” 

The good news for South African Audi fans is that they are able to finance the vehicle of their choice through convenient services offered by Audi Financial Services. 

Flexible repayments can be structured to suit your budget. 

With Audi Financial Services you are able to choose from these options: 

Lease- Clients get to lease a vehicle, with the option to buy the vehicle at the end of the agreement. They can enjoy the use of the vehicle without outright ownership 

Rental- This option gives clients the chance to rent a vehicle on a specific long term contact and to become the owner of that vehicle after a specified period. Financial institutions give you the choice of acquiring any make/model with the colour and performance of your choice. As a client, you can pay a monthly amount which will be used to offset the cost of the vehicle. 

Instalment Sale Agreement- This option is when the vehicle is purchased from the dealer, or private seller, but the bank owns the vehicle until you have finished paying it off. 

After payment of the final instalment, you get full ownership of the vehicle. 

The brand new, deposit-free Audi A4 or A5 option is available to South African drivers who will be willing to undergo an affordability and creditworthiness assessment.  


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