Get Instant Loans with Zarfin Loans


Whether it’s a payday loan you require or a personal loan Zarfin Loans have you covered.

Get your financial engineering fix through Zarfin experts in dealing with lenders.

And pinpointing the perfect loan opportunity for you where the approval criterion is most lenient. Zarfin Loans can also assist you with tapping on credit opportunities from other banks.

Their payday loans are short term from R500 up till R10 000. With loan repayments which can be made over a period of 1-12 months depending on the amount you have borrowed.

And even blacklisted clients are welcome to apply in fact anyone may apply for Zarfin’s short term loan offering, as they’re simply best when looking for a payday loan to make it through the month.

Zarfin also offer personal loans of up to R120 000 with repayments of over a period of six to 72 months. Obtaining personal loans in South Africa can often be an admin-intensive process, complete with the frustrations of broken telephone and call-centre consultants.

At Zarfin their consultants do all the paperwork and calling around for you. Once you have completed the online loan application and sent all necessary documents. A Zarfin consultant will approach a number of institutions on your behalf until they are satisfied that you’re getting the best deal.

To apply for your short term loan, you’ve the options to send a free please call me if you’d like one of Zarfin’s consultants to give you a call. Or just follow Zarfin’s loan applications are a simple process and when applying they’ll need from you, the latest salary slip, a valid ID document and three months bank statements.

Let Zarfin offer you your financial match on a platter because Zarfin is a service provider specialising in matching consumers to the most suitable online cash loans for them. It’s run entirely online and over the phone and this can save you a lot of hassle as well.

And you’ll deal with the same person every single time you interact with Zarfin, which prides itself in developing a lasting relationship with you while they tend to your unique monetary needs.

Contact: 021 761 4926 / 021 823 9798 or Email: or


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