Gold and Finance — Credit Through Valuables


Short term loans are the easy way for individuals and families to meet urgent and pressing needs.What is however true is that traditional banks have tightened their lending criteria in terms of paperwork, certainty and credit criteria.They also fail to recognise significant assets such as security or collateral.

Banks tend to look at cash flow versus assets when granting credit.This makes it difficult for people that have assets, looking to raise finance but are cash strapped. In addition, their processes are so automated that they intimidate the customer who may not be able to put a budget together but might have amassed assets of sort over time.There is also the cumbersome paperwork and length of decision making which takes so long that opportunities pass before finance is secured. One business entity this business complexion is Gold and Finance.

Established in 1992, Gold and Finance is the market leader in the collateral financing and jewellery buying industry where vast knowledge and expertise is required in order to satisfy a great variety of clients. With innovation as part of its trademark, Gold and Finance is the first company in South Africa to introduce the concept of immediate cash in a secure upmarket environment. Its business operations are also characterised by high levels of integrity coupled with a trading style that is unparralled countrywide.

Services provided by Gold and Finance cater for selling your jewellery, selling your diamonds, selling your gold coins, selling your watches, selling your fine art, selling your antique jewellery, selling your silverware and flatware as well as collateral loans.

Gold and Finance is always privileged to access the value of your valuables and make a cash offer and they enjoy a high recommendation rate from various stakeholders in the jewellery industry and the general public.

Gold and Finance can be contacted on 0118839972


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