How To Apply For A Bayport Personal Loan


Kabelo is a new father, looking to provide the best for his family. He and his wife want to extend their home to have more space for their growing family. They have considered a number of options, but have settled on applying for a personal loan. 

When he could apply for a Bayport Personal Loan, he wondered how this would affect his credit standing as well as his financial standing. 

Fortunately, Bayport is a reputable lender, so Kabelo and his partner can rely on good quality service and good terms. 

Some of the benefits offered by a Bayport Personal Loan: 

Fixed interest rate throughout loan term 

This has the benefit of having consistent payment amounts throughout the entire loan term. There are no surprises when it comes to amounts that must be paid.  

Simple online application process 

Technology has made it much easier to apply for finance. Instead of having to make branch visits, there are ways to apply online without having to travel anywhere. This also saves time. By simply visiting Kabelo can apply fast. 

Documents can be uploaded online 

There is no need to leave your home or office to apply for this loan. 

Loan amounts of up to R20 000 are available 

Kabelo can apply for a loan amount that will be enough to meet his needs. Should he choose not to apply for the full amount, this won’t reflect negatively on him in way. 

How to apply for a Bayport Personal Loan: 

  • Register on the online portal and verify your account 
  • Provide your I.D. copy (Smart I.D. users must have a copy of both sides) 
  • Provide your most recent monthly bank statements 
  • Select the loan amount you require 

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