How To Save Money On A Tight Budget


Developing the skills required to save money on a tight budget is a necessity nowadays. With the harsh economic conditions many people are finding themselves facing all over the world, surviving on a tight budget seems to be the norm. 

How does one save money on a tight budget when they are grappling with finding ways to stay afloat? The rising cost of living makes it all the more difficult to keep up with car repayments, school fees, account payments, credit card amounts and more.  

By paying yourself first, then you are more likely to develop discipline.   Reduce unnecessary costs. This can be done by cutting your cable bill, monitoring grocery expenditure, finding ways to save on transport costs and not eating out as often. Finding ways to lower your expenses is a sure way to get access to more of your money. Make a commitment to cut what you don’t need out and stick to it. 

Switch to using cash instead of a card if you must. This will provide you with a clear view of exact cash outflows and will help to prevent you from doing so when you don’t need to. 

Pay your debt off. Doing this ensures that you save on the money you would have spent on interest payments. 

Create a budget for yourself. Not only does this aid your personal financial planning, but it also provides a thorough assessment of how you can save. 

Find ways to save on insurance. If you can reassess your insurance policies and compare offers, chances are that you can end up saving more.


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