Low Credit Loans


Low credit loans

Basically bad credit or low credit score can be divided into two explanations.

The first: You have been active in the credit market, but due to unforeseen circumstances like losing your job, or some financial difficulties, you have not kept your accounts up to date or have neglected to pay your accounts, and even though there is no judgements against you, your score has dropped so low that you cannot get credit.

The second: You have never had credit before and therefore there is no information to base your credit rating on.
Having no credit or poor credit is a major stumbling block to getting a loan because you are viewed as a high risk customer who might default and leave the credit provider struggling to collect the loan repayment. It is a known fact that until your credit score is top notch, you won’t fit the standard lending guidelines that banks have to follow.

While everybody can apply with us and may qualify, not everybody will be approved depending on your credit status and affordability, you might find that your loan will be unsuccessful because of your previous credit behaviour.

All detail of your credit behavior is listed by Credit bureau. When you open an account or take on credit of any kind, your repayment behavior is recorded by credit bureau, whether good or bad.

When a Credit provider identifies poor payment behavior on your side it might influence the outcome of your application. On the other hand, if you pay all your accounts on time every month, you will find that you have a very positive credit report.

It is very important that you know your credit score, and that you access your credit report regularly.

However, they assist hundreds of clients every month in obtaining loans even if their credit scores are not top notch, but off cause we can only assist if you will be able to afford to repay the loan and you pass our income and expense verification as well as some business rules that is in place to protect their credit providers.

Please have a look at their Basic Criteria and Required Documents before applying for a loan with them.

So what to do now?

The easiest way for them to help you, is to start the whole loan application process by completing their online application form, only once they have that information, will they really be able to see what we can do for you.

Remember – they can assist you in obtaining a loan, as most of their service providers are willing to look past some of your mistakes but you will have to meet the Basic Criteria and you will have to send us the requested documents once they ask you to do so. Fill in their application and let them help you take the guessing out of whether you will qualify or not.

What you need to know about loans application procedures

• We can not assist you if you are under debt review, administration or sequestration

• Your loan application will be subject to a Credit Check, and Affordability assessment as required by the NCR (National Credit Regulator)

• You need to be over the age of 21 and under the age of 60

• You need to be permanently employed for at least 6 consecutive months with the same company

• All loan applications are subject to employment confirmation

• You must have a valid South African bank account in your name

• We do not assist people that is self employed


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