Maravedi – Personal Loans for Fulfilling Long Term Goals


Having long-term goals is a healthy indication of emotional wellbeing. Human nature dictates a transformation of needs and wants over the years. Having the means to fulfil these needs can translate into financial wellbeing, which eases monetary anxiety in the long run. Long term goals such as the desire to further education or to renovate homes require vast amounts of money to materialize and many individuals are faced with the responsibility of deciding the optimal ways of getting finance. A financial institution which has ventured into servicing the needs of this cluster of individuals is Maravedi Financial Services. 

Maravedi offers South Africans affordable and market-related financial products to help with achieving short, medium and long-term goals. The lender offers assistance to a range of individuals, and also extends a lending hand to those who are blacklisted. This assistance comes in the form of quick online personal loans. Ranging from R1000 to R25000, the loan repayment period is up to 24 months. Offered at low interest rates, loans are provided to individuals older than 18 years of age, who have a bank account. Accompanying the loan application needs to be proof of a South African identity document. Applicants need to be employed for at least 3 months at their current employer and need to earn a minimum salary of R2500.

In addition to their competitive loan options, Maravedi offers an Educational Fund of up to R50 000 for loan applicants. The micro lending institution’s services can be obtained by calling: 0860 222 765.


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