Marshmallow Test – Benefit Your Retirement


The marshmallow test was originally founded by Walter Mischel who was a professor at Stanford University. He took nursery kids into a room and gave each a marshmallow. He would then tell the kids they could eat the one marshmallow right away and get no reward. Alternatively, they could wait for him to come back and get a second marshmallow. This test was to show that the ability to delay gratification would mean getting double the benefits in the end.  

What it means for retirement. 

Most people would rather enjoy their money now and spend recklessly instead of saving it and enjoying double the benefits. The marshmallow test suggest that consumers should invest. If every consumer could invest R5,000 per month for over 40 years and it will grow to an equivalent of R5,8 million. If consumers cash in halfway they have eaten one marshmallow while ignoring double benefits.  


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