Moliko Finance Trust, Provider of Enterprise Finance


South Africa over the last decade witnessed restructuring of large enterprises and the coming on the scene of small, medium and micro enterprises. Private and public sector entities have therefore targeted the SMME sector as an economic empowerment vehicle for previously disadvantaged people. As a result, SMMEs have received significant attention and investment. One business concern worth mentioning in this regard is Moliko Finance Trust.

Boasting of 5 enterprise branches and 2 housing branches, Moliko Finance Trust is a development micro finance institution operating in Free State, KZN and Eastern Cape provinces of South Africa.This business body provides loans to poor and very poor people and families so that they can start or improve both their small businesses and housing condition.

To qualify for a housing loan, you need to have been an enterprise client for 9 months,be a pensioner(old age, foster care, disability and a working pensioner), you must be owning a business that has a track record of a daily or monthly banking, you must be a low income earner with a gross pay of R10,000 or less. It is important to note that ITC checks are conducted for working clients.

Qualifying requirements for an enterprise loan include SA identity document,be out of formal employment, you must be a group of 5-7 self chosen women, be willing to start a new business or improve an existing one.You must also be aged between 18 to 65 years.

Moliko Finance can be contacted on 0587130875.


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