MoneyStar – Providing Everyday Financial Solutions


Providing ‘Everyday Financial Solutions’ for the benefit of clients, is the ultimate goal of micro- lending service provider MoneyStar. Specialising in a three-tiered approach to lending, which includes Loans, Long-Term Insurance and Cellular deals, Money Star aims to provide clients with premier options available for their specific needs.

MoneyStar understands the demands and challenges that are faced by millions of consumers in these turbulent financial times. MoneyStar aims to ease the strain faced by individuals attempting to obtain financial assistance in the form of loans by providing easy access to the loans accompanied by reasonable repayment periods.

Cellular contracts offered by MoneyStar are affiliated with eminent brands such as Samsung, Blackberry, HTC, Nokia, LG, etc. Current models are offered at exceptional contract deals.

MoneyStar offers loans of up to R15 000, which are payable over a maximum period of 18 months. This allows the client to have a comfortably sufficient period within which to settle the loan amount. By offering everyday financial solutions, MoneyStar aims to assist clients in finding the best ways handle daily money concerns by providing a range of viable financial options.

These loans are covered by the credit life protection plan and comply with the National Credit Act rules and regulations. This ensures that your loan amount is repaid in the event of ill health, disability or death.

Applications can be made online or by calling the Customer Care line on 0861 66 63 97.

MoneyStar, as a rapidly growing entity has expanded to more than ten outlets throughout the country.


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