Standard Bank Cardless ATM Withdrawal


Standard Bank cardless ATM withdrawal

Do you know you can withdraw money from Standard bank without your card? You also don’t have to be a holder of a Standand Bank card or any other bank for you to withdraw Standard Bank money. You use your voucher to withdraw money, without needing your bank card.

Below is how you do it

  • Touch the icon on the top right of the screen, or swipe from right to left, to open up the ‘transact’ window.
  • Select ‘Withdraw’
  • Select ‘New Withdrawal’ in the top-right corner of the screen
  • Follow the prompts to enter the amount you want to withdraw and select the account to withdraw from

A cash voucher will be sent to your cellphone number, for you to redeem at any Standard Bank ATM, selected SPAR outlets, and other cash access points

Here is how you can withdraw money market in ATM without an account

From the mobile app, you can send a cash voucher to yourself, to be redeemed immediately at any Standard Bank ATM. You can send the voucher from any transactional account.


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