Tips To Survive Load Shedding This Winter


1.Get solar– installing a solar geyser will help with hot water supply during the blackout. Solar lights are also very useful during these times.  

2.Use empty plastics and empty plastic bottles to make ice in the freezer. These will become useful if electricity is out for some time. This will keep the refrigerator and freezer cold and prevents food from going bad.  

3.Make use of car chargers to charge your cellphones and iPad. This will ensure that your phones are always powered up to keep you connected in case of an emergency. 

4.Keep temporary lights with you at all times. These include candles, solar and paraffin lights.  

5.Invest in a generator. A generator can be a good substitute for electricity. A generator can power the lights, stove, fridge and television. There are different types of generators. Some are large enough to power the entire house or smaller ones to power the TV and refrigerator.  

6.Keep the doors of your fridge and freezer closed during load shedding. It ensures that the cold is trapped inside while keeping the food fresh. 

7.Be vigilant criminals take advantage of load shedding. Keep your doors locked and consider a battery powered panic button. 

8.Be prepared– keep hot water in a flask for tea and coffee. Have a power-bank fully charged for emergencies. Your phone and gadget should be fully charged at all times.  

9.Stock up on food and snacks that does not require refrigeration, this will help when you have kids around. 

10.Find activities that are friendly to the whole family to keep the kids busy. Examples of these are board games, puzzles, books and storytelling. If you are in a safe environment going out to gaze at the stars can be interesting for the whole family.  


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