Waitressing Tips And Tricks To Getting Bigger Tips


When you’re waitressing one of the main attributes about your job is that you live on tips. And since customers are not compelled to tip you, here are some six tips and tricks to helping you get bigger tips. 

1. As a waiter/waitress your performance plays a huge role 

 Therefore if customers perceive service to be better, they’ll tip more. 

2. Establishing a social connection with your customers 

This can help you get better tips as we’re more likely to want to help someone we’re connected to. And we’re more likely to care about someone’s opinion, what someone else thinks of us, if we have a social connection to them. 

3. Being physically attractive will not hurt your chances either.  

As with the male waiters most female patrons might flirt with you, tease or play with you if they feel you’re attractive. And if you friendly to them and offer a good service then you most likely to get tipped. 

4. The same with female waitresses look appealing 

Wear makeup and make the effort to look appealing to get attention from the male customers who were more likely to tip you more. Therefore ladies a pop of eye catching red lipstick never hurt anyone. 

5. Since everyone smiles in the same language  

Smiling helps people be perceived as more attractive, sociable, sincere and competent. It also seems to improve tips. 

6. Compliment your customer’s food choices 

Usually when taking your customers orders it’s a known fact that customers may ask you what you recommend. But did you know that if you also complimented customer’s food choices and say things like “You made a good choice!” when customers place their orders then the compliment would be associated with boosts in tips.


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