Wesbanks aviation finance


Aviation Finance – Wesbank has distinguished itself as South Africa’s  reliable financial institution by offering products and services such as vehicle finance, credit and petrol cards, personal and vehicle insurance, personal loans, business insurance, manufacturing equipment finance, commercial vehicle finance, agri-equipment finance, plant and equipment finance, fleet finance and rentals etc.

The growth of the South African economic and the country’s strategic position as the continents economic hub has brought on the scene a thriving air transport business. The gap for reliable financing schemes for such businesses has however remained huge over the years. It is for this reason that Wesbank introduced the unique aviation finance facility. Whether you are considering adding an aircraft to your existing fleet or simply wishing to improve your executive travel arrangements, Wesbank has the right finance solution.

Wesbank finances general aviation aircraft supplied by trusted agents and approved suppliers both locally and internationally. It must however be emphasised that all private sale transactions will require an inspection by our approved appraiser to confirm the condition of the aircraft and its value. The Wesbank aviation finance minimum deal size is R750,000 for local transactions and R3 million for imports. Wesbank does not also finance Non Type Certified Aircraft such as light sport or microlights and Wesbank may insist on having indigosat aircraft satellite tracking devices installed on certain turbine or jet aircraft.

Wesbank can indeed be counted as a reliable partner in aviation. Wesbank can be contacted on 0861288272.
Wesbanks aviation finance


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