What Are The Multiple Genres Of Music?


Categorising music has always been problematic due to it being subjective. The controversial debates continue globally. Despite this, there has been development of multiple genres of music.  

A genre is typically defined as a conventional category that is used to identify pieces of music that belong to a shared set of conventions.  

The problem has generally been that people tend to describe music in their own ways. Musicians often dread being boxed into a particular class of music and generally have issues with classification. The term “genre-defying” is one that a number of artists are often proud to be associated with. It’s often true too.  

A musician like Frank Ocean has forged a unique path for himself by creating a unique sound that often baffles people who are trying to define it. One of his biggest fans, Adele, the UK songstress with the booming voice has a sound that is often described as R&B or Soul.  

Then there are the artists who are skilled at multiple genres of music, like Queen, Prince, Pink and Queen Latifah.  

When Freddy Mercury’s vocals laced the now classic “Bohemian Rhapsody,” the band had a sound that straddled numerous genres, including Classic Rock, hard rock, glam rock, trash metal, pop, opera, gospel, blues and funk. 

US artist Queen Latifah, on the other hand has respect from some of the most hard-core hip hop fanatics, mainly due to the success of her anti-misogyny anthem “U.N.I.T.Y”. She did an about-turn a few years later with the release of the sophisticated “Dana Owens” jazz offering. 

When considering genres by region, the African continent seems to have the most diverse, including the likes of Afrobeat, Afropop, Cape Jazz, Congolese rumba, Kwela, Kwaito, Marabi, Mbalax, Mbaqanga and Motswako.  

There are multiple genres of music such as Blues, Reggae, Dub, Country, Pop, Funk, Soul and Avant-garde jazz.  


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