Will Carbon Tax Reduce Emission?


The carbon tax will see a reduction in emission because of the following reasons. 

Using fuels that emits gasses into the atmosphere will become expensive for companies and individuals. Most companies will then switch to cleaner fuels that are environmentally safe. Individuals might end up switching to public transport instead of private transport as a result of the carbon taxes affecting the prices of fuel. It also encourages businesses and individuals to reduce consumption and increase energy efficiency. Carbon tax also encourages businesses to use alternative energy because they a will be cost competitive. Businesses and individuals will choose cleaner forms of energy which include solar, wind and hydro powered electricity. Companies will also find other ways that they can reduce emissions in order to pay less in carbon taxes. Most companies will find ways of saving themselves money that why the carbon tax will be more effective than government regulations. Some companies might replace appliance and update their heating and cooling system in order to decrease their impact on the environment.  


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