Woolworths Credit Card Online Banking


Getting a Woolworths Credit Card is a simple way of transacting without the hassle of having to carry large amounts of cash around. Woolworths also offers a range of rewards with their credit cards. Offered in three options, Black, Silver and Gold, Woolworths Credit Cards also offer a number of other benefits.  

One of these benefits is the Woolworths Credit Card online banking facility.

Nowadays more financial services are offering online banking as part of their service suite. Not only does this facilitate safer transacting, but also makes it easier for individuals to keep track of their spending and to manage their accounts better.

What you can do with Woolworths Credit Card Online banking: 

  • Get your account details
  • Get notifications
  • Pay beneficiaries
  • Manage and view beneficiaries
  • Cancel Services
  • View your transaction history
  • View your statements
  • View your budget transactions

How to access Woolworths Credit Card Online Banking: 

  • Register online by visiting www.woolworths.co.za
  • Complete the registration process in under 5 minutes
  • Your account number is your credit card number as it appears on your card

During the registration process you will need to select a Banking Online PIN. Note that this is different to your ATM PIN.

Woolworths Credit Card online banking is available 24 hours a day and is offered for a fixed monthly fee of R18.00.

Benefits offered by Woolworths Credit Cards

  • Cash when you need it by being able to withdraw at any ATM displaying the Visa logo
  • Automatic Basic Travel Insurance
  • Medical and Legal Assistance
  • A budget facility for making larger purchases
  • Free delivery when you shop online
  • Being able to use the card at over 29million merchants worldwide that accept Visa cards
  • Peace of mind knowing that your balance will be paid off by a Credit Protection Plan.

For more information about Woolworths Credit Card Online banking visit www.woolworths.co.za


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